About Us

Dr. Collins is a Doctor of Chiropractic with over a decade of chiropractic experience and is a former university professor and clinical educator. 

Dr. Collins is typically sought out by patients for his comprehensive approach that combines chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and corrective exercise. 

His philosophy can be summed up in the following quote:

I care just as much about getting grandma to the mailbox and back safely as I do about getting an athlete back out on the field.

Dr. Collins has worked in clinics with various specialties ranging from pediatrics to sports rehabilitation. Over the years he has become a go-to resource for medical doctors, athletic trainers and personal trainers as he diagnoses and treats athletic injuries with a goal of getting athletes back to sport with minimal downtime.  

Outside of the office, Dr. Collins likes to spend time with his wife, Katherine (owner of Fit4Mom Denton County), and their three daughters. He makes it a priority to remain physically active with weight training, trail running, and competing in triathlons.

Advanced Training and Certifications:

We have a simple fee structure that will allow you to experience exceptional care without all the sales gimmicks and insurance hassles.

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