Our Approach

Personalized Care

Minimal downtime is a high priority. We know you have fitness and activity goals, so keeping you active while you recover is key.

You may have noticed the trend of more and more doctors opening small, patient-focused clinics. The advantage of a smaller setting is the doctor can spend more time with the patient, the quality of care tends to be higher, and the long-term costs tend to be much lower. 

This is exactly the approach you can expect at Argyle Rehab & Chiropractic. We believe you should become part of a doctors family, not part of their business model. 

We pride ourselves on providing personalized, 1-on-1 care. In fact, you’ll be able to communicate directly with the doctor from day one. Help and advice is a text, email, or a phone call away. 

We aim to help our patients resolve their issues within 4-6 visits. If you are not responding, the appropriate referral will be made to ensure you get the help you need. To borrow a phrase from a colleague of mine, “We think of it like golf, the fewer visits it takes for us to resolve your condition, the better our score”.

First Visit

  1. We believe everyone deserves a focused examination to assess their unique condition and needs. Examinations vary, but often include:
  • Neuro and orthopedic screening
  • Functional movement assessment
  • Joint motion analysis
  • Muscle tone evaluation
  1. Explanation of your condition: Prior to treatment, we’ll stop and discuss your condition. We find that providing education about your condition is vital to your recovery. We’ll also discuss how long we believe it’ll take to resolve, treatment approach, and the cost. 
  1. Treatment on the first visit: We won’t hold anything back on this visit. We’ll provide the necessary care you need, whether that is a chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue therapy, corrective exercises, or anything else to address your condition.

Follow Up Visits

We can resolve many patient conditions within a 4-6 visit window, each visit lasting 20-30 minutes. Since we know it’ll take a few visits, we offer a discounted package of visits you can take advantage of. You’re more than welcome to pay per visit if you’d prefer to do that.

Dr. Collins is fantastic! I’ve injured both my wrist and ankle, and suffer from issues with both my neck and back. I’ve been getting wonderful care and am very happy with how I am progressing. If you need a chiropractor who knows what they are doing, and sincerely cares about helping you get better, you will not be disappointed with ARC!
Alexandra A.

We have a simple fee structure that will allow you to experience exceptional care without all the sales gimmicks and insurance hassles.

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